Low-Impact, Motion Based, Resistance-Training Program

Bungee Fitness Is for Everyone Regardless of Your Fitness Level!

Bungee fitness is a low-impact, movement-based, resistance-training workout that allows the user the buoyancy needed to perform exercises they might not be able to perform without help.

What Makes Bungee Fitness an Amazing and Effective Workout?

Bungee G-force increases blood and lymphatic flow, the key to overall health and healing.


Extreme Fat Burn

Increased Stamina

Low Body Impact

Muscle Toning

Intense Core Development

High Endurance


Improved Flexibility and Balance

Our Mission

Michelle Pilaczynski started Bungee Bliss Fitness STUDIO in September of 2021 with a vision to provide a fitness studio that was inclusive, unique, and fun!

Sadly in February of 2022, Michelle passed away from complications from Covid-19. Our goal at the studio is to carry on her passion for mental and physical wellness and keep her dream alive.

We pride ourselves in providing a place that makes every BODY feel welcome. We want you to have fun while burning calories and feel encouraged from the inside out when you leave!

Here at Bungee Bliss Fitness Studio, we provide a platform to help anyone achieve their personal fitness and health goals in a fun and challenging environment.

Bungee Bliss Fitness Studio is the new way to the new you!